Volunteers MAKE the festival possible.  We are glad you have shown interest, and want to include as many qualified volunteers as we have work for.  It is IMPORTANT that you do the following BEFORE December 20:

Volunteering is a TWO-STEP process. Simply filling out the application does NOT mean that you have been accepted as a volunteer.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer application at the link below. Within a few days, you will receive and email from our volunteer coordinator.   If you are accepted, that email will include a unique volunteer code number and a link to the volunteer registration page.  Please fill out that registration including your volunteer code.  The volunteer coordinator will contact you before the festival with additional instructions regarding your specific duties.

  • 10 HOUR-works 10 hours as assigned, and receives $35 off of registration cost.
  • 20 HOUR-works 20 hours as assigned, and registration cost is waived.

Where possible we will schedule your volunteer time around your schedule (i.e. Irene Ryan actors will not be required to volunteer during their auditions):

Volunteer Application



Michael Aulick

Michael Aulick

Volunteer Coordinator

West Liberty University
304-559-9155 (c)