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KCACTF is pleased to continue an awards program for undergraduate theatre scholars attending KCACTF participating institutions. In order to further student activity in the discipline of theatre scholarship, this program encourages and rewards research and scholarly writing among undergraduates throughout the nation.  Research Papers on all areas of the art and craft of Theatre, the outcome of class assignments or students’ own research interests, will be reviewed by KCACTF-appointed readers for cash awards and a KCACTF National Festival residency in April.

Submission Criteria

The manuscript should be a scholarly paper of 10-20 pages [plus endnotes and references] on any area in the art, craft and/or history of theatre, or a cross-disciplinary topic with the art of theatre featuring as a key area of investigation.


The submitting student must be a bona fide, matriculated undergraduate student, at least half-time enrollment, at an institution that has participated in KCACTF within the festival year.

At this time, co-authored manuscripts will not be considered for the awards.

To Submit

  1. All submissions will be in PDF format. No paper or CD Rom copies will be accepted.
  2. Each manuscript will be submitted with a blind title page:
    1. Title of Paper
    2. Date
    3. The statement: “This is a copyrighted work submitted for review purposes only”
  3. The manuscript will have no author identification within the body of the paper [headers, footers, at pagination points, etc.]
  4. A full title page consisting of
    1. Title
    2. Name of the author
    3. Date
    4. Copyright notice [“copyright 2012 name of author”]
    5. E-mail address
    6. Snail mail address
    7. Name of academic mentor
      must be submitted as a second, separate PDF document in the same e-mail as the blinded manuscript.
  5. to ghenry@kennedy-center.org
  6. Submission deadline is mid-December.  For specific due date, email chair@kcactf2.org.

Award Selection Criteria

  1. The manuscripts will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Originality of the topic or approach
    • Scholarly rigor
    • Use of primary resources
    • Organization
    • Style
    • Syntax
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation

    A selection panel of eight readers, one from each KCACTF region, made up of faculty and emeritus faculty, will be appointed by each KCACTF Regional Chair. No faculty member with a student in the submission pool will be appointed to the selection panel. The KCACTF Artistic Director will appoint a team of finalist readers in consultation with the KCACTF National Committee, should the total number of submissions warrant.

    The award recipients will be announced on or around March 1.

The Award

  1. First place $1000

The award recipients will receive an all-expenses paid fellowship to participate in the National Festival at the Kennedy Center in April.


Gregg Henry

Artistic Director

Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
Education Division
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Washington DC 20566-0001