LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award Application Form

Applications must be submitted by December 13, 2019. 

Student Dramaturgy Application


Nominator/Faculty Member

Project Description (No more than 100 words.)

This is your description of the project as the dramaturg. In addition to detailing the scope and parameters of the project, it should address the overall project goals for the artists involved, the audience and the college or university, as appropriate.

The Role of the Dramaturg (No more than 1500 words.)

This is your statement as the dramaturg, focusing specifically on your work in conceiving, developing, implementing and/or articulating the project.

Some suggestions:

  • Describe your relationship as a dramaturg with your director, where relevant.
  • Describe your role within the production team on this project.
  • Describe the status of dramaturgy within your department (i.e. well-established, brand new, sporadic, vital?)
  • In projects that involve new play development, describe how you worked with the playwright and how that relationship developed.
  • Address the five criteria which will be used in making the award:
    • Distinctiveness: what was creative about your approach to dramaturgy? Did you introduce fresh ideas or technology to help illuminate the project?
    • Contextualization: how was the production or project enhanced by your dramaturgical analysis or research? How did your dramaturgical work help illuminate a larger social, political, academic or artistic setting?
    • Impact: in what way were the audience, artists and/or institution enriched by dramaturgical ideas and execution?
    • Ethics: how were issues raised in your production approached and/or resolved?
    • Significance: how did this project inform, challenge or advance the field of dramaturgy, in general, or within your school?

Finally, explain what you learned from this experience. Use this as a through-line to organize the above suggestions.

Letter of Nomination

Your letter of nomination must come from a faculty member. If your primary collaborative relationships were with other students, invite them to submit support letters in addition to the letter from a faculty member. Letters should describe the working relationship between the dramaturg and other collaborating artists, and especially the dramaturg’s contributions to the project. Please ensure all letters must be signed. Please limit letters to one single-spaced typed page each.
Maximum upload size: 256MB

Supporting Material

Include a compiled selection of supporting material of no more than one hundred pages which best represents your work. Be selective amongst your dramaturgy materials, which might include research, dramaturgy notes, images of lobby displays, study guides, production team communications, and accounts of challenges. If you have developed a digital dramaturgy presence, this can also be submitted to supplement your application, or can be linked to from your supporting material. Please be mindful when curating your supporting material, and create a package that is self-explanatory and efficient, with a well-organized table of contents for easy navigation.
Maximum upload size: 256MB

Electronic Resources

Modern dramaturgy includes the use of blogs, websites, recordings, videos, and other electronic resources that enrich your production. If applicable, you may include a link to a single electronic resource (one website, blog, video link) that will supplement your application. This means that if you have transferred selections from your page to your primary application, you may link to that core website for further consideration.

Dramaturgical Display

Consider how you will physically present your application in person at the Festival. This may include a limited reproduction of lobby materials, outreach, a binder with printed supporting materials, physical research or artifacts, or a laptop to display your digital presence. Keep in mind that the physical display of your materials will be the best public representation of your work, but this will be only marginally considered in the award. Each display will have limited space in the Design, Technology, & Management presentation area, so be respectful in what you bring. Displays should prominently feature the name of the production and the dramaturg, but not the producing institution.

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