Response Report

Thank you for hitting the road and supporting the festival.

Please take a few moments to fill out the Response Report below. You can find the regional reimbursement form here.

Please Note: Respondents to Participating Productions MUST also complete the Participating Production Written Response here

Response Report
Use the following format - dd/mm/yyyy
Use the following format - dd/mm/yyyy
Note: The email of the person at the institution who should receive this report. Probably the director, but may be the department chair or other person. If you are not sure, ask the school.

Irene Ryan Nominations

Note: Associate Productions qualify for 2 nominations. Participating Productions qualify for 3 nominations.

Student Design, Dramaturgs and Stage Manager Entrants

Certificate of Merit

Though there is no limit, we recommend no more than 2 Certificates of Merit per production to maintain the prestige of an earned certificate. If you would like to recommend additional Certificates of Merit, please contact the Regional Chair.

Address where Certificates of Merit should be sent

Invited Scenes

For Participating Productions Only


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