Let’s Talk About Red

This is a new talk-back session with students happening around the RED initiative every day. Jonathan McCory is one of the people that will be leading the talk sessions.


Sessions with Jonathan:

  • Tuesday 1/11: 1p-2:15
  • Thursday 1/13: 3p-4:15pm
  • Friday 1/14: 11a-12:15p

*Wednesday 1/12: Dreams Affirmed A Student Group from the Univ at Buffalo (Event and time have not been confirmed)

Jennifer Kidwell

Photo by Ryan Collerd, courtesy of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage

Thursday 1/13: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Tell’em Why You Mad!” is a pressure valve release/moderated discussion in which student artists are invited to bring their deep frustrations, profound head-scratchers, less than ideal circumstances, and any and everything about the artistic process that might make one rage or scream to discuss with other people. Trusting the strength of collective wisdom, interconnectivity, and the fact of shared difficulty, this is a space of recognition and showing up for others whose experiences might resemble your own. Or, if nothing else, a space in which you can safely, with care and respect for others, let off some STEAM.


Anjalee Deshphande Hutchinson

Anjalee Deshphande Hutchinson


Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED) Chair

Bucknell University

Malcolm Womack

Malcolm Womack


Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED) Vice-Chair

Penn State University