The Region 2 Leadership Team is Currently making immediate changes in:

  • Diversity in its leadership, both regional and national, as well as in its programming. It is about recruiting and maintaining people in leadership who can speak from their different experiences to ensure that decision-making power is given to voices not normally centered in the conversation.
  • Standardizing and publicizing the pathways to regional and national leadership.
  • The Establishment of RED Coordinators in every KCACTF region
  • We must transparently examine our entire system generally and specifically, including our budgets, curriculum, recruitment processes, and schedules so that our organization is equitably accessible.
  • We must develop ways we can ACTIVELY PRACTICE diversity year-round, in the planning and execution of both regional and national festivals. The practice includes uplifting narratives that dominant voices often do not make space for, including the narratives of Black people, Indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, dis/otherly-abled people, and women, whether we like what they have to say or not.
  • Assembling the selection, scholarship, and award panels at Regional and National festivals that will create equitable representation of race, gender, gender identity, ability, and sexuality. At least 50% of any panel will be comprised of historically marginalized identities.
  • Revising the KCACTF Region 2 mission statement and strategic plan to give greater focus on representation, equity, and diversity.
  • Seeking out a representation, equity, and diversity expert to lead the National Committee in strategic planning and implicit bias training.
  • Committing to funding the ASPIRE Arts Leadership program on an annual basis.


Michael Allen

Michael Allen

Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED) Chair

Montclair State University

Eric Ruffin

Eric Ruffin

Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED)

Howard University

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