Representation, Equality and Diversity Statement

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival affirms its commitment to policies and practices of promoting inclusion and diversity. We pledge to nurture talent in all areas of the theater based solely on merit and achievement. We will avoid discriminatory comments and embrace the variety of artistic choices generated by the diversity of perspective that exists on college campuses across the country. We promote collegial exploration of new ideas, supported by a clear understanding of long-held artistic practices, fully respecting the communicated intentions of the playwright.

We encourage discourse that affects positive change in the ways that under-represented groups are portrayed onstage, and we oppose acts of cultural appropriation and character depictions that deepen existing cultural divides. We embrace the idea that diversity in experience and perspective makes our organization stronger and more relevant and is therefore essential to our educational mission of training the future artistic leadership in American theater.

RED is the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival’s (KCACTF) initiative is a tremendous launching pad for our organization, as well as the individuals in service to KCACTF, to acknowledge systemic and personal privileges, confront biases, and change our systems in order to become more representative, equitable, diverse, inclusive, and just.

Representation, Equity, Diversity (and inclusion) are core values that are central to our existence as artists, educators, and as an organization. We are specifying how we understand these values and how they are pillars for our initiative.

Representation is about de-centering traditionally dominant groups. It is about taking action to eradicate bigotry in all forms so that all identities are safe, seen, and heard.

Equity is ensuring that everyone has access to resources and what they need to succeed. We must constantly reexamine processes and systems

within our organization and provide necessary resources to ensure that equitable practices are present and transparent.

Diversity is celebrating the inclusion of all at every table and in every room. We must engage in acknowledging and advocating for rigorous cultural specificity and work to remove generalizations about experience in any aspect of theatrical practice

Inclusion within our organization and festival is to disrupt the cultural and systemic barriers that exclude historically underrepresented communities from participation.

We also recognize that we must work towards dismantling the oppressive interlocking systems by standing as a counter force to the rising tide of sexism, ageism, genderism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, xenophobia, racism, segregation, colonialism, and white supremacy in this country. that perpetuate the ongoing genocide of Indigenous communities, and the erasure of Tribal Sovereignty ableism, in our society at large.

We are the next generation of storytellers in an era of cataclysmic divisiveness. We must ensure that every storyteller and every story will have uninhibited access to being heard, supported, celebrated, and recognized within KCACTF.

List of BIPOC Plays & Creatives

This document contains a variety of BIPOC plays, playwrights, directors, designers, and other theatre creatives. 

PMF DEI Committee's 2020 Anti-Racism Series Syllabus


Michael Allen

Michael Allen

Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED) Chair

Montclair State University

Eric Ruffin

Eric Ruffin

Representation, Equity, & Diversity (RED)

Howard University

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