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The Musical Theatre Intensive (MTI) is dedicated to providing opportunities for students interested in developing their skills as musical theatre performers. We offer workshops in all areas of musical theatre performance including voice, acting, and dance, as well as performance opportunities at various events throughout the festival.

Audition Process for Festival 54 (virtual festival)


This year, we’ll be handling things a little differently at MTI. In the past, auditions slots were reserved for a limited number of musical theatre performers. These performers were either nominated from musical productions at their schools, pre-registered ahead of time, or lucky enough to have snagged a last-minute slot at the festival. This year however, anyone who would like to audition for the MTI Scholarship Auditions will is eligible – there is no cap on the number of folks who may submit materials!



Students who wish to participate in MTI must register for Festival 54 AND for the MTI Scholarship Award auditions by January 3, 2022. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to upload videos of two contrasting pieces of musical theatre or musical theatre-adjacent repertoire, each approximately 16-bars or 30 seconds in length. (Please see audition video specifications below.)

From this group, 20 performers will be passed on to the final round and will be asked to submit an additional video of them singing a full-length piece from the musical theatre canon. This must be a different piece than the 16-bar cuts submitted for the initial audition round.

The finalists’ videos (including both of their short selections from the preliminary round as well as their full piece) will be screened during the festival. A panel of selectors will choose one person to receive the MTI Scholarship Award.



Here are some tips on how to create the strongest videos for your MTI Scholarship audition:

  • Introduce each of your pieces by including your name, the title of your song, and the title of the musical your song is from. If your piece is not from a musical, you might wish to include the composer or artist who created or performed that piece. Do notinclude the name of your school.
  • It is recommended, but not required, that you utilize piano accompaniment for your audition. This may mean singing along to a pre-recorded track or may mean singing with a live accompanist. We realize that these resources are not available to everyone, so a cappella submissions will also be accepted. (This will not be held against you in your audition.) If you are passed on to the final round and need accompaniment for any of your pieces, we will provide accompaniment tracks for you; these resources are not available for preliminary round auditions.
  • Please utilize a stationary camera when filming your piece, just as you would for a traditional audition submission. This means no fancy camera work, video effects, or editing. Selectors will be responding to your performance, not your camera work.
  • Think about your framing within the camera. Do you want to capture just your head and shoulders? More of your upper body? Your full body? How you frame your videos is up to you, but don’t forget that your pieces should be filmed from a fixed position with no pans, tilts, movements, or zooming. In terms of camera angle, place the camera at your eye-level.
  • Think about lighting and how well your face and your eyes can be seen. Natural light or a ring light are both reliable choices, and additional light from the side or back may also be helpful. Avoid dramatic lighting choices, lighting changes, and other effects, as these will not be considered by the selectors. This audition is to focus solely on your performance, not technical elements.
  • Think about audio quality. In your videos, can your voice be heard above the accompaniment?
  • Limit prop usage. Remember that this is a taped audition, not a produced film, so technical choices will be disregarded by the selectors.
  • Files must be uploaded as an .mp4, .mov, or .avi.


Register for MTI auditions by January 3, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.


MTI Scholarship Award Audition Registration


Tommy Iafrate

Tommy Iafrate

Musical Theatre Intensive

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