Welcome Musical Theatre Performers

The Musical Theatre Intensive (MTI) is dedicated to providing opportunities for students interested in developing their skills as musical theatre performers. We offer workshops in all areas of musical theatre performance including voice, acting, and dance, as well as performance opportunities at various events throughout the festival. There is an opportunity to audition for the MTI Scholarship Award as well as a slot in a festival favorite, the late-night cabaret.

What Happens At The Festival

Students will have an opportunity to participate in several musical theatre workshops scheduled on each day of the festival. Some of these will have limited availability and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

The scholarship auditions will take place in-person over several days at the festival. Audition slots are limited, so performers are encouraged to pre-register well in advance of the festival. One person from the Scholarship Award auditions will be selected to attend the national festival at the Kennedy Center. More information on the auditions themselves is available below.

Ten students who audition for the MTI Scholarship and do not advance to the finals will be chosen to perform in the late-night cabaret. They will rehearse with an accompanist prior to that event.

Students will have several opportunities to participate in dance workshops at the festival. One performer will be selected from these workshops to receive the Musical Theatre Intensive Dance Award for the region.

Some students are nominated for MTI through an associate or participating musical production at their institution. These “MTI Nominees” – in addition to being guaranteed an audition slot for the MTI Scholarship Award auditions – will rehearse a group number to perform at the Closing Ceremonies of the festival. Nominees must register for participation in MTI by December 1, or they will forfeit their reserved audition slot for the Scholarship Award.

MTI Scholarship Award Audition Details

Audition Process

For the first round of auditions, students should prepare two 16-bar cuts of contrasting pieces from the musical theatre repertoire (not to exceed 90 seconds). The first round of MTI will be virtual.  Students will need to film their audition pieces to upload to Airtable (Will open later in the Fall). Twenty singers from the first round will advance to the final round. For finals, performers will sing the same two 16-bar cuts as well as a full song or longer cut of a third piece (all of which should not exceed 5 minutes) for a panel of selectors from the musical theatre industry.

    • Round 1 – two 16-bar cuts of contrasting pieces (not to exceed 90 seconds total)
    • Round 2 – the same two cuts from Round 1, plus a longer cut of a third song (not to exceed 5 minutes total)

Two performers will be selected from the finalists as the winner and runner-up for the region. Both will earn a $200 scholarship and will perform at the closing ceremonies. The regional winner will also advance to the national conference at the Kennedy Center.


Audition Rules

Performers must audition with piano accompaniment, and therefore must have clean copies of their sheet music for the pianist. Music should be clearly marked and secured in a binder. Please ensure that none of the notes of your songs, including those in the accompaniment, have been cut off due to a crooked or improperly sized photocopy. An accompanist will be provided; you may not use your own accompanist. An informative workshop on the initial scholarship audition will be offered after registration of all performers is complete. Only students from institutions that had participating or associate productions with-in the last calendar year may be eligible for scholarships and awards.



Register for the MTI Scholarship Auditions via the link below. You will be asked to enter your name, contact information, audition material, and video. You must register for the Festival via EventLeaf before you submit and application for MTI. Students nominated by a KCACTF respondent will automatically have a registration slot reserved for them through December 1. Musical theatre performers who are not nominated through a musical production at their school are still able to participate in MTI events, including the Scholarship Award auditions. They may do so online either in advance (approximately 40 slots on a first-come, first-served basis) or at the festival (approximately 20 slots, made available after opening ceremonies). Please be aware that after you have registered for MTI, you will also need to check in in-person once you arrive at the festival.



Tommy Iafrate

Tommy Iafrate


Musical Theatre Intensive

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