Festival 52 - Individual Registration With Different Purchaser Form

Before you begin filling out the form below, please read the following paragraph.  This form is for people only registering themselves for the festival and having someone else pay for them.  You will need to know your Purchaser ID.  You can obtain that from the person paying for your registration.

If you have any questions, please email Terry Dana Jachimiak II at webmaster@kcactf2.org.

2020 KCACTF Region 2 Individual Registration/Separate Purchaser

Registration Information

Volunteer Status

If students plan to volunteer, they will have received a link for the Festival Registration Form for Volunteers. Before they receive that link, they will need to fill out the Volunteer Application and be approved. LINK TO VOLUNTEER APPLICATION. For inquiries about volunteer application status please contact volunteer@kcactf2.org.

**HIT TAB ONCE YOU HAVE TYPED IN THE NUMBER. IT WILL AUTO POPULATE THE REST OF THE FORM BELOW** This number was assigned to the person who will be paying for your registration, be it an administrative assistant or faculty member. Without this number you will need to pay individually.

Registration Payee Information

Note if you’re having computer problems contact webmaster@kcactf2.org.

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