Play an active dramaturgy role in this year’s festival!

Initiated at the 2005 Festival, in cooperation with the National Playwriting Program, Guerrilla Dramaturgy creates an active collaboration among budding student dramaturgs, a student playwright, and a faculty director for a stage reading of a new play. Dramaturgs conduct research relating to a new work for Festival, and then share their findings with the playwright, director and cast during the rehearsal period. The selected playwrights and directors have found that the research added considerably to the development of both the new play and the play reading. Past student dramaturgs have learned much about how they can contribute to a play’s production. Guerrilla dramaturgs will also be able to learn about the play development process through a series of workshops they can take with the rest of each play’s production team.

Guerrilla Dramaturgs do not need to bring anything to the festival, other than an interest to research and present information related to the play (if available, a laptop is always handy). No preparation is necessary. Students can sign up to be Guerrilla Dramaturgs when they arrive at the Regional Festival, where they will be placed in teams to work on particular assigned plays. The research will be done at the host school, using the resources of the library. Guerilla dramaturgs will also have ample time to participate in other workshops and festival activities.

The plays that Guerrilla Dramaturgs will work on will be determined shortly before the Festival with the approval of the playwrights and the directors.

So consider becoming a Guerrilla Dramaturg at this year’s festival.


Toby Malone

Toby Malone


SUNY Oswego

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