Only students who have stage managed a production for a school that has entered at least one show in either a participating, or associate KCACTF entry, during the Festival year, and are bona fide students in a college or university at the time of the KCACTF production response, are eligible. For the purpose of the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship, a bona fide student is:

  • an undergraduate student* registered for at least six semester, or equivalent, quarter hours;
  • or a graduate student* registered for at least three semesters, or equivalent quarter hours;
  • or a continuing part-time student* enrolled in a regular degree, or certificate program.

*Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing part-time students must be matriculating and pursuing a degree at the time of the KCACTF official response.

Regional Festival Preparation

If an eligible stage manager wishes to be considered for the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship at his/her regional festival, the student must submit the following to the Regional Chair of Design, Technology, and Management, or the Regional Stage Management Coordinator, as detailed at each region’s individual web site:

  • A letter of intent, written solely by the student, including: a short commentary of the stage manager’s ‘approach statement’, a brief statement about why the student believes he/she may gain a positive experience by participating in the regional festival and his/her intention to practice stage management in the future.
  • A 1-page résumé.
  • A letter of support from the entered production’s director or, if the director is unavailable, the student’s closest stage management faculty/staff mentor outlining the student’s strengths, weaknesses and an overview of the student’s performance on the entered production.

Participation at the Regional Festival

Each student is required to bring his or her prompt script from the entered production. The prompt script should be the genuine book(s) the student used during the actual production. It should not be beautified or improved after closing night. If the original prompt script is in digital format, a printed copy of the Prompt Script must be generated for display at the Expo.

The prompt script is not required to include ALL of the production’s paperwork; these should include, but are not limited to:

  • The “Blocking Script” and the “Calling Script”, as one or more books, with blocking and cue-calling notation.
  • Rehearsal and performance Log.
  • Schedules, including rehearsals, tech rehearsals, etc.
  • Pre-show/post-show checklists, shift schedules, French scenes, etc.
  • Forms, emails, communications, schedules, lists and plots.

All of the above materials should be the bona fide working versions, created during the actual production process. Prompt scripts will be on display as part of the regional Design Expo. Production photos that help to illustrate the show, and its challenges, may be included at the back of the prompt script, but are not required.

Materials should NOT include personal cast/crew contact information. Such information must be expunged.

The Festival Stage Management Team

Each participant in the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship program has the opportunity to be assigned a festival event (10-minute plays, Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions, Summer Stock Auditions, Faculty Acting Showcase, etc.) to manage, alongside the regional faculty coordinator. After you have registered for your regional festival, contact the Regional Stage Management Coordinator for volunteer opportunities at the Festival.

Each region invites Stage Management Respondent(s) to provide feedback to the participants. During the regional festival, the participants in the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship program must meet with the Respondent(s) in any or all of several ways, coordinated by the Regional Stage Management Coordinator:

  • A walk-through response to the stage manager’s prompt script as part of the Design Expo response process;
  • Individual Interviews;
  • A series of workshops, wherein designated stage managers are the focus of a predetermined time period, and other stage managers are encouraged to observe;
  • A large workshop wherein all the Festival Stage Managers assemble with the Respondent(s).

The Respondent will likely have other workshop and/or response duties in addition to his/her work with the Festival Stage Managers.

Criteria for the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship Program

Each of the eight KCACTF regions will select a Stage Manager to be awarded a fellowship to attend the national festival.

Selection will be based on the following:

  • Professionalism and completeness of the prompt script and other paperwork.
  • Personal demeanor and communication skills, based on interviews and follow-up workshops.
  • Written material, submitted prior to the Regional Festival.

If the production is an official “Invited Festival Production” at the regional festival, a photocopy of that production’s Prompt Script may be substituted, for the original, in the Design Expo, along with an explanatory sign, at the stage manager’s discretion.

email to:

Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson at
Chair, Design, Technology & Management


  • Letter of interest needs to express the student’s interest in stage management and detail some of his/her experiences.
  • At the regional festival, the student must present at the design exhibit. Register online at DTM EXHIBIT REGISTRATION. Students are asked to bring their presentations to the festival. Please do not mail your presentation in advance. If there is an extenuating circumstance, please contact Keith immediately.
  • At the regional festival, the student must reserve a time to participate in the Stage Management Interview.  In addition to this, Stage Managers are asked to support the festival by participating as Stage Managers or Support staff for the following venues: NPP events, Irene Ryan auditions at all levels, NCI (National Critics Institute), Student Directing Institute, The Fringe, etc. If you are interested you must bring to check in a schedule of workshops and plays you want to attend.   Note that managing a festival event will be time-consuming and you may need to forgo attending some festival events in order to fulfill your obligation to the project you are managing. With that in mind, the festival is for you. We will work to make sure you are able to attend workshops and plays. Please contact Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson at for any question you might have regarding Stage management.

Region II Selection Process Step by Step

Day 1 Interviews

Stage management competition applicants should report to the Design/Tech/Management Table at festival registration to receive an interview time. All applicants will be interviewed by a team of two industry professionals. Applicants should bring the prompt book that they will be presenting in the Region II Exhibit along with their resume to the interview. Interviews will take place the evening of festival registration. Please plan accordingly.


On-site, stage managers will be judged on organization, collaborative skills, and the ability to handle tough situations gracefully. The faculty who the stage managers are working with on-site fill out evaluation forms that are given to the exhibit respondents. The interview, exhibit presentation and on-site work all weigh evenly in the decision making.

Please Note

All stage managers must present in the Region II exhibit where a team of reviewers will respond to their work. Stage managers should refer to EXHIBIT INFORMATION for Region II Exhibit presentation information.

Remember that our region requires a letter of intent in addition to a letter of recommendation.

More details are available at

KCACTF Region II Registration


DTM Exhibition Registration Form


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