Regional Festival Preparation


  • Have stage managed a project at their home institution in 2021. This includes but is not limited to digital productions/readings, face to face productions, and other projects;
  • Be a bona fide student in 2021;
  • Be registered for and attend the virtual Regional Festival to showcase their project and participate in response sessions.


Students will present a stage management project comprised of materials which clearly tell the story of the process, evolution, rehearsal, and realization of the project. A team of theatre stage management respondents will serve as selection panelists and respond to the projects.

Supporting materials that have proven most useful include combinations of the following: call script, blocking notation, script analysis, actor/character breakdown, performance & production reports, checklists, calendars, rehearsal schedule, daily schedule, tech schedule, sign-in sheets, callboard materials, contact form, emergency contact form, and photos from the show. This is in no way meant to be a definitive list. Choose elements that best articulate and document the conceptual approach, process, and the production.


DEADLINE for registering for DTM exhibit is December 17, 2021.

All work will be submitted via a link to a student-created website.  Link to work will be due January 7, 2022.  Exhibit registrants will be emailed instructions for providing the link.

  • KCACTF2 recommends using an easy and free website builder such as Google Sites to create a simple website that can display and contain materials necessary to exhibit the design or technology work.  
  • Stage Managers may include work that gives a thorough presentation of the scope and complexity of the project they stage-managed.
  • If showing a call script and/or blocking notation, please include 3-4 pages as a single PDF. Choose pages that show off your strongest work.
  • A letter of intent (AKA Cover Letter) including: your name, event/play/piece title with playwright’s name, a brief statement of your view of the “stage manager’s approach” that includes the following information: a brief statement about how you approach stage management, why you wish to participate in the regional festival, and your future goals as a stage manager. Do not include the name of your school on any of your slides and try to remove as much as you can from your other documents.
  • Respondents and selectors will only be considering the submitted project, NOT your website design skills.  Clearer simpler website options are preferred.
  • The site should only contain the student’s submitted project.  Do not include any previous work.

Students are responsible for their own festival registrations, DTM registration, and other forms.

KCACTF Region II Registration

DTM Exhibition Registration Form