General Information

You must be registered for Festival to participate in the Region II Exhibit.

Then you will need to register your exhibit for the Festival.  Select “DTM Exhibition Registration Form” below for instructions and the online form.

KCACTF Region II Registration

DTM Exhibition Registration Form

When arriving at Festival in January, check in at the Design/Tech/Management table to receive your assigned exhibit space.

Exhibits must be set-up and taken down at the assigned load-in and strike times. It is expected that your work stay in place for the entire festival. Students who can not attend set-up must find a way to have their presentation set up in their absence, and those students that need to leave prior to the final strike must find a way to prearrange the removal and safe return of their design work. Work removed early will not be considered for awards.

Response sessions are planned at various intervals throughout the festival week. It is expected that you present your work at the assigned time and receive a response.

Although the Region II gallery space will be manned during the day and locked in the evening, exhibitors are responsible for the safeguarding of their own equipment. Region II is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen displays.

All exhibits will be photographed for the KCACTF Region II archives and some images may be used on the Region II website. If you do not wish to have your work documented, please contact the Chair of Design and Technology directly.

Response Process

Projects are evaluated on the basis of your exhibit display and your oral presentation.

Typical responses allow 3-5 minutes for the exhibitor to present their work. This is followed by a short question and answer period by a panel of respondents.

Presentations will be timed to assure equal time is given to each presenter.

Allied Craft entries receive approximately 24 sq. feet of pin up space and at least 3 sq. feet of table space. 

Stage Management entries have table space only, approximately 3 sq. feet. Pin-up space is not permitted. All other entries will receive approximately 24 sq. ft. of pin-up space and at least 3 sq. ft. of table space

Note:   Pin-up space may be in the form of a single panel, V-Shape,  or may be in an L-shape.

It is advised that you NOT mount the pieces of your presentation together on large boards as the shape of the displays may vary.

Please refer to the National Guidelines at www.kcactf.org for additional information.  Review the approach statements given as examples on the national site.

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