Design Awards, Allied Design and Technology, and Stage Management Fellowships

The purpose of the KCACTF Awards for Theatrical Design Excellence, Allied Design and Technology, and the Stage Management Fellowship are to provide student designers, technical artists and stage managers with the opportunity to exhibit their work through displays, presentations and interviews; to receive feedback from professionals working in the field; to give outstanding student work national recognition; and to provide the opportunity for student award recipients to exhibit their work at the Kennedy Center or other national venues.  Please visit the Registration Page.

Design and Allied Design and Technology materials, and stage management prompt books are on display and open to all. Students wishing to present design, tech, or stage management, or should refer to the EXHIBIT INFORMATION section. Exhibitors may be eligible for awards described in DTM AWARDS FOR STUDENTS . Work in the exhibit is responded to by leading industry professionals. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their work and receive professional responses.

Stage Management at Festival

Stage management competition finalists may gain hands-on experience by managing virtual festival events. For more information, go here.


Master Classes, Panels and Workshops

Do you have strengths in specific areas and have a unique approach to solving a problem or a new way of application. You may have the opportunity to conduct a workshop or do a product demo at the festival. You will be required to submit a detailed proposal of what you would like to do and the type of technical support you require and what is unique and different about your workshop. Please visit the Workshop Registration Form.

Student Design Class Projects

Students are encouraged to present the best of their Classroom Design Projects. Student participating are allowed to submit one designed project in any of the design areas, Lighting, Scenic, Costume, Sound. Students are required to display drafting samples for the design, research, developmental sketches, thumbnails and white or painted models. Sound projects will need to have all reference materials, sound samples and the finished sound cue or soundscape. This is a chance for you to show those class assignments that you worked so hard on.  Please visit the Registration Page.

Production Responses

Region II is committed to providing respondents versed in design, technology and management on-site when students have supported their campus productions. Register your production for response at

Industry Vendor Displays and Workshops

Industry vendors provide opportunities for students to learn about relevant new products and services for the field, talk with representatives, and attend demonstrations and workshops.