Big changes are coming to ITJA in 2022!

ITJA will be done nationally this year a centralized ITJA program.  Check it out on the national KCACTF website HERE.

Essentially, all ITJA registrants across the country will meet for three 3-hour zoom sessions on February 12, 19, and 26.  You will be guided by some major Guest Critics, including Ashlee Lee from the LA Times and regional ITJA coordinators.  You will also be given writing assignments that will be evaluated to determine who will be invited to participate in ITJA as part of the national festival.

Please visit and read the material on the web page carefully.  There is also a link there that will allow you to register.  Or, you can register HERE.

ITJA in Region II

But we will also have ITJA at the Regional Festival!

To help prepare you for the Centralized ITJA Programming,    II will offer ITJA “Boot Camp.”  We will have three 2-hour sessions (also on Zoom—sorry), in which you will be given some guidance on the types of writing you will do in the Centralized ITJA Program and the strategies you can use.  You will also have the chance to do some of the types of theatre journalism you will submit in February.

In these sessions, we will meet virtually to talk about theatre and theatre journalism and criticism.  You will have the chance to watch one of our invited productions and write a review.  We will go over these reviews to discuss what works and what can be done to improve the reviews.  We will also discuss other types of theatre journalism and discuss strategies and approaches to make these types of writing successful.

If you are interested, please contact me so I can save you a space.  Also contact me if you have questions at


You will also need to register for the Centralized ITJA program, which will also allow you to take part in our festival, all with no cost.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ralph Leary

Ralph Leary

Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy

Clarion University (Emeritus)