The field of Arts Management and Administration encompasses a broad range of talents and responsibilities. While arts administrators often work in the non-profit sector, for producing theatres and presenting groups, for arts councils, and for museums, careers can also be found in for-profit organizations, in theatre, the music industry, galleries and other arts organizations.

A new initiative from the Kennedy Center combines Arts Management and equality, diversity and inclusion. All students interested in arts management are invited to participate in the Arts Management program. We want to encourage women and minorities to participate as these groups are underrepresented in the professional theatre.

A segment of the Great Management Race will be run on each day of festival. Each day will bring a new challenge and a work session for participants. The selectors will be evaluating pitches based on the student’s ability to effectively communicate a vision, demonstrate knowledge of theatre and arts management, and incorporate audience and community values into their mission. The top pitch chosen by the selectors will move on to ASPIRE week-long fellowship at KCACTF in Washington, D.C.

Participating in the ASPIRE, the KCACTF/LORT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM will include:

  • Workshops – hear from current professionals working in the areas of arts administration and management.
  • Opportunity for consideration for the National Festival as an Arts Leadership fellow.
  • Opportunity to receive a scholarship in Arts Leadership.
  • Opportunities to network with professionals from regional LORT theatres.


To participate, students must submit online the following information, along with a resume and a faculty recommendation. Only 25 students will be accepted into the program.
Management Initiative
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
Must be in PDF format.
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
Must be in PDF format.


Andrew Truscott

Andrew Truscott

Arts Leadership and Management

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