Interested in participating in the Devised Track this year?

This festival’s prompt is “If not now, when?

Ensembles should keep the following parameters in mind:

      • Approximately 16’X16’ playing space, ensemble determines audience placement & interaction
      • Work lights up/down provided, any additional lighting will be ensemble-generated
      • Regions provide electrical power, ensemble must provide all technical sources
      • 10 minute time limit which must include set-up, performance and strike
      • Contributions of the ensemble are to be balanced and evenly distributed
      • No live flame, No smoking, No functional weapons

Email: to sign up or for more information

Articles on Devised Theatre to Get You Inspired and Working

-“What is Devised Theatre?” Posted by Martine Kei Green-Rogers, 28th Sept. 2016, THEATRE TIMES,

-“On the Case for Devising Theatre on Social Justice on College Campuses,” Joan Lipkin, THEATRE TOPICS, John Hopkins University Press, Vol. 26, Number 2, July 2016


Jamie McKittrick

Jamie McKittrick


SDC Chair

Muhlenberg University

Ricky Ramon

Ricky Ramon


National Playwriting Program Vice-Chair

Howard University