We are seeking performers interested in learning more about devised theatre and the devising process through workshops, a panel discussion, and performing. Participants may attend any or all of the programming within the Devising Track.  Those who attend 3 or more Devised Theatre offerings will receive a Certificate of Participation. Ensembles and individuals who share their work at the Devised Theatre Showcase will receive responses from professional artists, and one of the pieces will be recognized as the “Outstanding Devised Piece”. 

Ensembles are encouraged to work with the National Devised Prompt for 2021:

“This is the Country We Want,”

but are free to workshop and share other material as well, even works-in-progress.  We encourage you to be bold and share your work!

Ensembles and performers will select their sources of inspiration, for example a photograph, a poem, a short story, a memory, an interview, a question, etc.. Performers will be asked to clearly articulate how their sources informed process and product, form and content.

Each ensemble will create a unique performance vocabulary informed by their source materials.  This vocabulary may include movement, voice, visual image, sonic landscape, text, scenic environment and communicate the piece’s style and aesthetic. Ensembles should be mindful of time restraints, space limitations, and travel considerations. These parameters are designed to form a creative container, to spark your imagination, and to deepen your explorations.

Please let us know if you would like to share your work at the Devised Theatre Showcase.  Click on the ‘Intent to Participate” tab and fill out the form below.


Devised theatre is a form which often upsets the hierarchical structure of standard theatrical production. Eric Grode on the TDF Theatre Dictionary website states that a devised process “typically begins with little more than a rehearsal space and a group of eager, committed theatre practitioners. Through a series of improvisatory theatre games, they start to tease out the kinds of stories they’d like to tell and the way they’d like to tell them. Over time, a text emerges, one covered with the fingerprints of each and every participant.”

Articles on Devised Theatre to Get You Inspired and Working

“Devised Theatre,” TDF Theatre Dictionary,

-“What is Devised Theatre?” Posted by Martine Kei Green-Rogers, 28th Sept. 2016, THEATRE TIMES,

-“On the Case for Devising Theatre on Social Justice on College Campuses,” Joan Lipkin, THEATRE TOPICS, John Hopkins University Press, Vol. 26, Number 2, July 2016


How to Get Started and Make Some Original Work

ENSEMBLES: find the collaborators you want to work with at your school, find a space to meet, get in the space together and start playing! You can start with the prompt above and let it instigate discussion and questions and then see where it takes you, or you can follow what is on your minds collectively and go from there. Ensembles should reach out to a faculty member who can serve as mentor for your process and who will help to keep the project moving forward. For any questions, please reach out to us at

FACULTY: feel free to reach out for ideas and guidance as you mentor your students at


  • Approximately 16’X16’ playing space, ensemble determines audience placement & interaction
  • Work lights up/down provided, any additional lighting will be ensemble-generated
  • Regions provide electrical power, ensemble must provide all technical sources (music sources, extension cords, projector, clip lights, etc)
  • 20 minute time limit which must include set-up, performance and strike
  • Set up and strike can be part of the performance
  • Contributions of the ensemble are to be balanced and evenly distributed
  • Not every member of the ensemble must perform, but the majority should
  • Faculty advisors may provide outside-eye feedback, but students should drive the work
  • No live flame
  • No smoking
  • No functional weapons

Additional Information:

  • Each showing will be given a short response from regional faculty and/or devising guest artists.
  • Each deviser will be expected to speak articulately about their work, displaying rigor of process and responsibility for form and content.
  • Devising isn’t an aesthetic; it’s a process. This approach to creating new work includes multiple aesthetics, production value spectrums, and performance styles.
  • Regions will only provide the space; ensembles must bring everything else. Be careful about making assumptions about availability of chairs, acting blocks, etc…

Intent to Participate:

  • To secure place in the Devised Theatre Showcase at Region 2,
    please send an “intent to participate” email to Terra Vandergaw at by December 1, 2019.
  • Schools may enter multiple pieces.
  • Ensembles may choose to work with or without the national prompt.
  • Time permitting, works-in progress and experiments created at festival are welcome at the Devised Theatre Showcase.


Terra Vandergaw

Terra Vandergaw

Devised Theatre Coordinator

Ramapo College of New Jersey

Dan Ciba, Ph.D

Dan Ciba, Ph.D

Devised Theatre Coordinator

Visiting Professor of Theater History and Criticism
Ramapo College of New Jersey

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