Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Audition Registration Form

Please review the Ryan rules and rights requirements before filling out this form.

Rules –
Royalties and permissions –

Quick Reference:
Samuel French (For play titles appearing on SF’s “Green Light List” at, or written permission has been obtained from Samuel French and will be provided at Festival. Plays on SF’s “Red Light” List are ineligible.)
Dramatist Publishing (For play title appearing on DP’s approved list available at as a .pdf file)
Dramatists Play Service (For play titles using the DPS blanket permission option, with the exception of Albee and Beckett)
Smith & Kraus (For play titles only from a S&K collection or monologue book with blanket permission)
Broadway Play Publishing (For play titles using BPP’s blanket permission. No excerpts and no internal cutting permitted.)
Tams-Witmark, Music-Theatre International (MTI), or Rogers & Hammerstein Music Library (for titles covered by your school’s verifiable ASCAP license) (All cuttings require Playscript’s prior approval.)
Judy Boals, Inc. (Blanket permission granted.)
ICM (Only for play titles by playwrights not handled by other major publishing houses)
Playwrights Guild of Canada (blanket permission granted)
Public domain (for play titles not bearing a copyright, most likely written more than 100 years ago, such as Shakespeare. NOTE: Plays that have been translated into English are not public domain.)
Other (explain, e.g. written permission of the playwright for an unpublished work, material written for or by the nominee):

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