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Cover Sheet For 10 Minute Play Submission

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Student playwrights are invited to submit plays ranging in length from 4-10 minutes (usually 9 pages or fewer, 12pt. font), with no restriction on subject matter, style, or intended audience. Please read the following definition and let it be your guide before submitting your ten-minute play. The Kennedy Center defines the ten minute play as follows:

A Ten-Minute Play is a play with at least two characters.  It is not a scene, skit or sketch. Structurally, it should have a beginning, middle and end, just as any good one-act or full-length play. Reaching beyond the surface, the text should be enriched with subtext. Since we only have ten minutes to bring the story full circle, a dramatic conflict should be posed as quickly as possible. The resolution of that conflict is what plays out across the remaining pages. The true success of a Ten-Minute Play is reliant on the writer’s ability to bring an audience through the same cathartic/entertaining experience that a good one-act or full-length play accomplishes; i.e., sympathetic characters with recognizable needs encompassed within a resolvable dramatic conflict.

While not wanting to oppress anyone’s creativity, recognize that a Ten-Minute Play will undoubtedly be presented in an evening with other Ten-Minute Plays. Therefore, elaborate settings, multiple characters, extravagant productions values, etc., could conceivably eliminate your play from consideration.

Finally: Do your readers a favor: ten-minutes means eight or nine pages, but certainly no more than ten pages. READ YOUR PLAY OUT LOUD to see how it times out using standard playwriting format, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

A panel of readers from outside our region will select up to six scripts from all those submitted. The playwrights whose scripts have been selected for the Region 2 festival will be assigned a faculty director and together will cast the play from onsite festival auditions. These teams will work on the scripts throughout the KCACTF Regional Festival. The festival will culminate in a public concert reading of the plays. Following the readings, two of the plays will be selected as National Semi-finalists to be considered for the National Festival in Washington, D.C. in April.

[Note: While all selected plays will be invited to the workshop and will receive a concert reading, the two that will be selected for consideration at the national level will not be judged by the concert reading but by a reading of the plays, which will have been done by out-of-region readers prior to festival.]

This year, working in concert with the Region 2’s Directing Institute (DI), NPP is piloting a new initiative to develop undergraduate playwrights and directors.  This new effort will connect playwrights with student directors, who will work to present readings of new 10-minute plays.  They will work under the tutelage with the chair of DI and a designated professional playwright, who will oversee the development of these new plays.  Four to six plays will be chosen for this new initiative by out-of-region selectors.  Undergraduate playwrights chosen for regular festival are not eligible for this new initiative. Undergraduates interested in participating in this program should indicate their undergraduate status in the email text accompanying the submission of their 10-minute play(s).

Students may submit two (2) plays in this category. Each script that is submitted must be accompanied by a 10 Minute Play Cover Sheet.  Please, read the sheet carefully; it contains important submission instructions.

REMEMBER: If you are an undergraduate, indicate your undergraduate status on the submission sheet and in the e-mail text accompanying your submission, with the words “I am an undergraduate.”

In order to make the evaluation process as easy as possible for our readers, we ask that scripts follow uniform formatting practices. Click SCRIPT FORMATTING  for details.

Scripts are to be submitted to tenreg2@gmail.com. Every effort will be made to handle submissions with care. However, neither KCACTF nor Region 2 will be responsible for misdirected or lost submissions. Within one week after you have submitted your script, you should receive an email confirming that we have received your play(s). If you do not receive confirmation, please contact Laura Smiley at lauracsmiley@gmail.com. We will not begin accepting scripts until October 1, 2016. Please, do not submit before this date.

DEADLINE: All scripts must be received by November 1, 2016.  No application fee is required from students attending schools that have entered either an Associate or Participating entry for the current year’s Regional Festival, productions playing between January 1 and December 1, 2016.

A $10.00 script-handling fee is required for any script entered by a student from a school without an Associate or Participating entry in the current year’s festival.

The check should be mailed to:
Scott Mackenzie
Chair, KCACTF Region 2
Department of Theatre and Dance
Alma College
Alma, MI 48801

For More Information, Contact

John Gresh
John GreshCo-Chairs: National Playwriting Program
Slippery Rock University
Laura Smiley
Laura SmileyCo-Chairs: National Playwriting Program
Slippery Rock University

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