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What is Fringe?

The first Fringe was held in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland. Fringe performing arts festivals can now be found all over the world and, in the United States, the concept has taken off like a rocket in recent years. While there are no hard and fast rules, Fringe Festivals tend to follow the following tenants:

  • Focused on the performing arts: Fringes don’t have a focus on a single discipline or genre, but are a performing-arts smörgåsbord.
  • Uncensored: No one gets too fussy about swears or adult themes
  • Easy to participate in: Participation runs the gamut from amateurs to professionals.
  • Festivals: They last from just a few days to a few weeks and involve lots of people at multiple venues.
  • Original: Fringes feature a huge array of original material.
  • Rapid-fire: Typically, tech is minimal and shows are kept brief.

We hope you’ll join Region 2 in our Fringe Festival by participating in one of our many events.

Fringe Events

The Fringe Challenge – an evening of madness and mayhem! All you need to compete in the Fringe Challenge is a team of willing co-conspirators from your school and a bit of insanity. Join us in 2018 in the second floor lobby on Wednesday night to learn this year’s prompt and start the creative process. Teams will present their finished pieces on Saturday in McViddy Hall to compete for bragging rights and exciting prizes.

Invited Scenes – a day of scenes from Associate or Participating productions nominated by Regional respondents during the year. Scenes are chosen for specific theatrical elements which the respondents felt would broaden the scope of offerings at the Festival and which show ambitious performance styles and unusual aesthetics. Performances this year will be on Thursday in McViddy Hall in 2018.

Second Scene/Second Chance/Open Mic – If you didn’t make it to the Semi-finals of the Ryans, but you worked your fingers to the bone on that second scene, don’t despair! If you didn’t make it into the coveted MTI slots, don’t dissolve into tears! If you’ve got some stand-up comedy, slam poetry or a monologue you want to share, bring it here! Sign up for a slot at this event and show us what you’ve got at this late night event on Thursday evening.

For More Information, Contact:

Suzanne Delle
Suzanne DelleFringe Co-Coordinator
York College of Pennsylvania
Seth Werner
Seth WernerFringe Co-Coordinator
York College of Pennsylvania

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