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What is Fringe?

The Fringe Challenge – an evening of madness and mayhem! All you need to compete in the Fringe Challenge is a team of willing co-conspirators from your school and a bit of insanity. Every Fringe Challenge has a theme, a theatrical style, and specific theatrical conceits which must be incorporated in a completely original piece of theatre. In addition, each team will be given a prop, a piece of text, some music, and… whatever ever else strikes the fancy of the Fringe Coordinators in the moment! A team of highly qualified and professional judges will decide which scene receives the coveted Fringe Challenge Award, based on a rubrick of rigorous theatrical standards which are usually completely subverted by their own personal prejudices, tastes and ulterior motives. Bribery is encouraged. The Fringe Challenge Award is a visually compelling trophy generally assembled by the Fringe Producers, usually from stuff found in the trunk of Len Kelly’s car. It’s worth at least $1.95 and is guaranteed to make everyone back at your home institution say “What the heck is THAT?”

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Fringe Events

Invited Scenes – an evening of scenes from Associate or Participating productions nominated by Regional respondents during the year. Scenes are chosen for specific theatrical elements which the respondents felt would broaden the scope of offerings at the Festival and which show ambitious performance styles, unusual aesthetics or diverse cultural origins.

Open Mic night – sign up for a slot and show us what you’ve got! Stand up comedy, sketch comedy, songs, movement theatre pieces, poetry, etc. Anything goes!

Invited Fringe Productions – unusual productions, often student-driven, are sometimes brought to the Festival, depending on available space. Like the Invited Scenes, these productions bring an unusual or non-traditional element to the Festival.   Apply here:  Application for Fringe at Festival.

Second Scene/Second Chance? If you didn’t make it to the Semi-finals of the Ryans, but you worked your fingers to the bone on that second scene, don’t despair! Sign up for a slot at this event and show us that scene!

For More Information, Contact:

Becky Prophet
Becky ProphetFringe Coordinator
Alfred University