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Application Process

  1. Complete and submit Directing Institute application link below.
  2. Have current faculty member at your school fill out Faculty Support Form.
  3. Wait for acceptance notification and follow guidelines in notification to prepare for festival.


  • you are a registered student at a college or university participating in KCACTF in 2016.
  • you will be attending the Region II KCACTF Festival at Montclair University, January 3-7, 2017.
  • you have a deep interest in learning about directing (no previous experience necessary, although it is helpful).
  • you apply, submit a faculty recommendation and are accepted in the Directing Institute.

Directing Institute Application Form

Submit Here

Faculty Support Form

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Applications must be submitted online by December 1st, 2016.

Design Storm

Directing Institute PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Join a design team as a director!

This project, to run during the festival, invites developing directors to apply to be a part of a production team which will meet and deliberate during the festival and then present pre-production plans. Teams will be created from applicants to each of the areas of Directors, Dramaturgs, Scene Designers, Costume Designers, Lighting Designers, and Sound Designers. Through text analysis, hearty discussion, and production planning, each group will have the opportunity to create a virtual production and present it to the other groups as if in a pre-audition/pre-rehearsal state. Discussions will most likely mimic a series of production meetings, thus giving everyone experience in those areas of communication and collaboration.

If you are interested and/or intrigued in participating in this aspect of the festival, please fill out the application and send it to Heidi Winters Vogel by Dec. 11, 2016. Also, please inform others on your home campus of this opportunity. If they wish to pursue this kind of project in other areas, please guide them to apply through the Design-Tech Management.

Young Director’s Shadow Program for the DIRECTING INSTITUTE

Would you like an introduction to the process of directing through shadowing an experienced director? Apply to Heidi Winters Vogel, We will match you with a faculty director who is directing a new play for the NPP. Sign up at registration, requesting the opportunity to shadow a full-length, one-act, or ten-minute play at the festival. Participation is limited to the number of NPP directors who are willing to have a “shadow.”

For More Information

Heidi Winters Vogel
Heidi Winters VogelDirecting Institute
Eastern Mennonite University
540-271-1398 cell (text messages too)