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Region II has opportunities for both student and faculty directors of all levels of experience.  Find out more by reading below.

Student directors who have demonstrated success in directing and wish to gain professional experience should look into this program.

A Directing Seminar available to all students at KCACTF Region II Festival

  • participate in four workshops directly related to the process of directing (past topics have included working with language, collaboration with designers, and creating stage pictures)
  • discuss and engage in the process of directing through text analysis, auditions, and creating a staged reading
  • audition and rehearse actors
  • receive guidance and mentoring from a practicing director
  • present a short staged reading for the public and receive a response from professional directors


  • you are a registered student at a college or university participating in KCACTF
  • you will be attending the Region II KCACTF Festival at Montclair University in Monclair , NJ January 3-7, 2017
  • you have a deep interest in learning and practicing directing (no previous experience necessary, although it is helpful)
  • you apply, submit a faculty recommendation and are accepted into the Directing Institute

Click on the Student Directing Institute or contact Heidi Winters Vogel: for further details. Deadline to apply: December 1, 2016.

SDC Participants and Respondents, January 2014

Directing Collaboration Tank

Collaboration Tank invites developing directors to apply to be a part of a production team which will meet and deliberate during the festival and then present pre-production plans. Plays will be chosen before the festival. Teams will be created from applicants to each of the areas of Directors, Dramaturges, Scene Designers, Costume Designers, Lighting Designers, and Sound Designers. Through text analysis, hearty discussion, and production planning, each group will have the opportunity to create a virtual production.

Those who participate as directors will also attend all three of the Directing Institute workshops. It is not likely that a student could participate in the Directing Institute and the Production Development Project. If you apply for both (see later pages), please be sure to identify which you would prefer in order of preference.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the DI application by Dec. 1, 2016.

Young Director’s Shadow Program for the DIRECTING INSTITUTE

Would you like an introduction to the process of directing through shadowing an experienced director? Contact Heidi Winters Vogel,, to apply. Send an email requesting the opportunity to shadow a full-length, one-act, or ten-minute play at the festival. Be sure to include your reasons for hoping to be a part of this introduction to directing through observation. We will match you with a faculty director who is directing a new play for the NPP. Participation is limited to the number of NPP directors who are willing to have a “shadow.”

Regional faculty may apply to direct staged readings of new work at the regional festival. Additionally, we encourage faculty directors to attend regional workshops, round tables, and informal meet & greets while at the regional festival. Click on the Faculty Director menu on the left to find out more.